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Bar Poker Open Invitations and Seats

You must have either an invitation or a seat to play in any Bar Poker Open championship. A seat means your buy-in is paid. An invitation means you are able to buy into the tournament. Buy-in amounts vary between locations and each year. Check the BPO website for details for the upcoming event details.

You may purchase your ticket at the time of registration only if you earned your invitation in a Bar Poker Open online event or if you earned enough points in Bar Poker Open to receive an invitation. Otherwise, tickets can only be purchased through our league. (see Marvin) When you are ready to purchase your ticket, you may pay with a credit/debit card in the amount of the seat price  for the event.

If you are attending a BPO championship event and need to purchase your seat through our league make sure to do so prior to the deadline for that event.


Bar Poker Open Events - There are Many Low Buy-in Events that are Open to Anyone

So even without an invitation, you can go and enjoy the festivities of these amazing events.