Aces Cracked


 We Have a New Venue

Elysium Cafe’ and Games

Thursdays at 6:00 pm beginning April 18th

10800 W Alameda Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226

Double Points at this Location

No Alcohol

Aces Cracked Tournament of Champions

Qualifying Guidelines

As we start a new quarterly qualifying period (March 1 thru May 31) we want to make you aware of the points structure so you can get yourself qualified for our next Aces Cracked Tournament of Champions in July.

Points will be awarded at each live event as follows:

Pharaoh’s American Grill  points will be double.

Contribute $10 or more = 500 points each $10

Wear Aces Cracked Items = 100 points each, max 400 points each event.

Buy food and drink = 50 points for each $10 spent

Be a paid dealer = 200 points

Be a volunteer dealer = 400 points

Bring a friend = 50 points each

Get your pocket aces cracked 50 points


1st Place = 50 points

2nd Place = 40 points

3rd Place = 30 points

4th Place = 20 points

5TH Place = 10 points

There will NOT be a limit on the total number of players that can qualify

All championship events will be:

  1. if a one day event – On Wednesday evening at Sports Lounge
  2. if a multiple day event
  3. Day 1A on Monday evening Day 1B on Tuesday evening Day 2 on Wednesday evening at Sports Lounge.

Total points required to qualify:

9,000 points to qualify

13,000 points = 1 rebuy

17,000 points = 2 rebuys

23,000 points = 3 rebuys

Total prize pool is progressive, check current balance above.


aces cracked free bar poker

A huge THANK YOU to all who attended BPO

Left to Right:

Byron Fox, Aaron Moorehead, Megan Moorehead, Quintin VanGundy, Ahmad Moradi, Lauren Miller, Chad Miller, Linda Montgomery, Curtis Mock, Mati Eaton, Tom Miller, Marvin Sharp, David Loudermilk, Kathy Avery, Steve Norris and Derrik Bunyon.

Not pictured – Logan Weaver, Bryton VanGundy, William Miranda and Maryann Silva.


aces cracked free bar poker

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