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Poker this Saturday

will be at The Mirage Sports Bar at 8340 W Coalmine Ave. Littleton CO 80123

Cards Fly at 6:30 pm 

The games at Felt and Sports Lounge are canceled

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aces cracked free bar poker

3rd Quarterly Championship – 2023

Our 3rd Quarterly Championship will be Saturday November 4th at 1:00 pm at Sports Lounge Off Broadway

The top 80 ranked players will qualify. Top 20 earn 1 rebuy, Top 15 earn 2 rebuys and Top 10 earn 3 rebuys.

Maximum rebuys is 3

Qualified players MUST reply to an email to RSVP to be placed on the participation list, so be sure we have your correct email address.

Click the Aces Cracked Logo to see how you are currently ranked.

aces cracked free bar poker
Ballys Blackhawk

When you lose you win!

Special thanks to Bally’s for providing us $100 Tournament Certificates.

Bad Beat Special: Players who get a Kings full or better hand beat with no more than 2 kings or 2 aces on the board will winn a $100 Bally’s Tournament Voucher.

Royal Flush Delight: Get a Royal Flush and get a $100 Bally’s Tournament Voucher.

Monday Night Winners

Seated Left to right: Jeff Burges 4th Place, Mati Eaton Dealer, Megan Moorhead 6th place.

Standing Left to right: : Samuel Feintech 2nd Place, Aaron Sours 3rd Place, Aaron Moorhead 1st Place.

Congratulations to you all.

Royal Flush

Ashley Clark beat Clarence (Cookie) Silva’s Aces full of Kings with a Royal Flush.


Both players will receive a $100 Bally’s voucher.

Royal Flush

Ahmad Moradi turns the Royal Flush


Ahmad will receive a $100 Bally’s voucher.

Willowbrook Memory Care

Felt Billiards & Bar

Saturday September 9th at Felt Billiards and Bar. Cards fly at 5:00 pm

 All buy-ins are voluntary.

$40 buy-in $20 add-on.

17k or 32k chips

Rebuys until end of 1,000/2,000 blind level.

SV Dancers

Felt Billiards & Bar

Saturday October 7th at Felt Billiards and Bar. Cards fly at 5:00 pm

 All buy-ins are voluntary.

$40 buy-in $20 add-on.

17k or 32k chips

Rebuys until end of 1,000/2,000 blind level.

Colorado Sled Hockey

Sports Lounge Off Broadway

Hockey for persons with disabilities              Saturday October 28th at Sports Loung Off Broadway. Cards fly at 2:00 pm

All buy-ins are voluntary.

$40 buy-in $20 add-on.

17k or 32k chips

Rebuys until end of 1,000/2,000 blind level.

aces cracked free bar poker

Win Your $100 Bally’s Voucher

Bally’s is contributing $100 Vouchers

Bally’s is contributing 2 $100 vouchers each month good for credit toward any tournament buy-in. We will be awarding the vouchers to players who get a Royal Flush, Kings full or better beat with no more than 2 kings or 2 aces on the board, while supply last. Unawarded vouchers at the end of the quarter will be awarded at the quarterly championship.

Dean Hilton

Wins a $100 voucher with AAA33 beaten by AAAKK

Johnny Bugarin

Got AAA66 beat by 6666.


Won her Bally’s $100 voucher when her KKK44 was beaten by 4444. She then played in a Thursday tournament and took 4th place to cash.

aces cracked free bar poker

2023 2nd Quarter Championship “WINNERS”

Congratulations to the winners of the 2nd Quarterly Championship 2023.

Left to Right: 3rd Place – Tim Gural, 2nd Place – Lauren Miller, 4th Place – Rhonda Blagg, 5th Place – Tyler Weimer, 1st Place – Bob Boyce

Not pictured:

6th Place – Robert Cohen

7th Place – John Gerdes

8th Place – Patty Hayward

Seated: Dealer – Mati Eaton

aces cracked free bar poker

Bar Poker Open exciting happenings

Congratulations to Chad Miller – Chad entered day 2 as 2nd chip leader with 1.35M chips and finished in 20th place out of 1,052 players.

Congratulations to Linda Montgomery – Linda entered day 2 with only 120,000 chips and was still able to pull off 41st place.

Congratulations to Steve Norris – Steve finished in the money on day 1 of the main event.

Congratulations to Byron Fox – Byron finished in the money Monday night in the “Cheap and Deep” tournament.

Congratulations to Tom Miller – Tom finished in the money in 15th place out of 398 players in the “Green Chip Bounty” tournament on Monday night.

Congratulations to Mati Eaton – Mati flopped Quad 4’s in the casino at Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

Congratulations to Curtis Mock – Curtis won big on the slot machines.

aces cracked free bar poker

A huge THANK YOU to all who attended BPO

Left to Right:

Byron Fox, Aaron Moorehead, Megan Moorehead, Quintin VanGundy, Ahmad Moradi, Lauren Miller, Chad Miller, Linda Montgomery, Curtis Mock, Mati Eaton, Tom Miller, Marvin Sharp, David Loudermilk, Kathy Avery, Steve Norris and Derrik Bunyon.

Not pictured – Logan Weaver, Bryton VanGundy, William Miranda and Maryann Silva.


aces cracked free bar poker

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Vegas 2021 League Owners Championship

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