Invite Us:

Invite Aces Cracked Poker League and our Poker Community to enjoy your restaurant for an afternoon or evening of Poker, great food, cocktails and fun. Build your brand and your community with Aces Cracked Poker at your establishment.


Marvin Sharp | 720-341-7362
[email protected]

Larry Carstensen | 303-981-0704
[email protected]

Our players become your customers, your customers become our players!
Everybody Wins!

What It Takes:

We bring everything needed including a tournament director, dealers, players, tables, cards and a digital game tracking system. You provide the space, tables & chairs, servers and if desired, some Poker Specials &/or prizes.

How It Works:

  1. Choose the days of the week you’d like to host an ACPL Event
  2. Choose the time of day, events usually take 3 to 4 hours
  3. We play two games per event, when people are eliminated from the 1st game they can move to the 2nd .
  4. Players are awarded points for playing and patronizing the restaurant.
  5. 1st place finishers for each game win $50 cash and prizes.
  6. Aces Cracked provides the cash prizes, your restaurant and your vendors are invited to provide prizes or gift cards.