The place to play where the prizes are big and the friendships are bigger. Our purpose is to give players a more realistic poker experience in order to hone their skills for real tournament play. We pay big cash for each event followed by $3,000+ simi-annual championship events held in April and October.

We are also in cooperation with Bar Poker Open. So, each night you can earn an entry into an online tournament. Finish in the top 5% in the online Step 2 Championship Qualifier to win your seat in the $400,000.00 Bar Poker Open Championship. The championship is held at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas Nevada and final table streamed live. Click the Bar Poker Open logo to learn more about Bar Poker Open.

The 2023 Bar Poker Open in Palm Beach Florida will be November 16th – 20th at the Palm Beach Kennel Club.

Voluntary Contributions – We survive on your contributions, You may contribute as much or as little as you like but no matter the amount, your contribution does not in anyway give you an advantage in the current game over any other player. We ask for and recommend a minimum of $5 when you sign in at each event.
We then also ask at some point during the game for a contribution that will increase the prize pool for the event. These contributions again may be as much or little as you like and again do not in any way give you an advantage over any other player in that game.

We also ask that you support the venue with your food and drink purchases