Rules & Procedures

Tournament Rules Followed by Aces Cracked Poker League

Aces Cracked Procedures and Rules

“Whenever possible and feasible, we try to follow the recommended ‘Tournament Director Association (TDA)’ guidelines for poker tournaments, so that players in one of our tournaments are following the same guidelines they may run into if they play at a casino, and additionally, so that we are standardized/consistent between venues. However, there may be modifications followed at the Tournament Director’s discretion at each venue to simplify the management of the tournament (For example: we will simply “chip up” smaller chips instead of “racing them off” in order to expedite the chip up process.). Additionally, our dealers are “volunteers”. Be kind to them.

Tournament Director Association Rules


Rules (Exceptions or additions to TDA rules)

Rule #1: No Gambling

Aces Cracked Poker League is an entertainment business and not a gaming establishment. Therefore, there is absolutely 0 tolerance for any side betting or under the table gambling. Anyone breaking this rule will be banned from the league, no exceptions.

Rule #2: Respect Begets Respect

Show respect to every player. Be kind. No vulgar language. No being a distraction due to over intoxication. Over-intoxicated players will be removed from the game. Any act of violence or disrespect (whether actively participating in a game or not at the time) will result in a first warning and then a 1-week suspension from the league. The second offense will result in a 1-month suspension from the league, and a third offense will result in permanent suspension.

Depending on the severity of the act, a player could be suspended for any period of time as determined by the league owner(s) regardless of first, second, or third offense.

Examples: throwing in an aggressive manner any object such as cards, chips, drinks, etc. at or toward another person.

Rule #3: No Idling

No loitering around the tables. If you are not in the game, you must keep a distance of at least 10′ from the tables. There may be exceptions by the decision of the Tournament Director (TD), but spectators must remain silent while hands are in play.

Rule #4: No Splashing the Pot

Keep your bets in front of you. Do not toss your chips into the pile of chips that are considered the pot.

Rule #5: No String Betting

Place all the chips you wish to bet out toward the center of the table, but in front of you, in one motion. You may not put out a few chips and then put out more. The only exception is if you verbalize the amount that you are betting or raising, then you can put them out however you wish. It is always best to verbalize your intentions.

Rule #6: Keep Your Cards Hidden

Do not show your cards to other players as doing so risks other players that are in the hand seeing them also. Not showing your hand also helps prevent others from encouraging action. If you show your cards and the opposing player feels that the player encouraged action through even the smallest gesture, then your cards are mucked.

Rule #7: Don’t Talk About the Cards in the Play

No talking about a hand or the board cards while the play is in action. If you are not in the hand, you may not state the truth about your hand.

Rule #8: No Going Into the Muck Pile

Once your cards are folded and placed in the muck pile, you may not look through those cards to see what you had or to show them to others.

Rule #9: Protecting Your Cards

It is the player’s responsibility to protect their cards from being raked in by the dealer while also keeping their cards visible so as to reduce mistakes by the dealer and other players not realizing that you are still in the hand. If your cards are raked in by the dealer because they are not protected or they are too far out into the playing area or another player mucks his/her cards because your cards are not clearly visible, then your cards are no longer in play.

Rule #10: No Rabbit Hunting

Once a hand is finished by all players folding to the winner, the remaining board cards may not be played out to see if others may or may not have won the hand.

Rule #11: The Dealer Handles Chips and Cards

Players are not to reach into the pot to get their change or change for others. When the dealer has to chop a pot or divide a multiple pot situation, players are not to disrupt the dealer while figuring the division of unequal bets.

Rule #12: No Cash on the Table at Any Time

We do not want to ever give the impression that cash is in play in any hand.

Rule #13: Eligibility to Play the Hand

Players must be at the table and within arm’s reach of their seat (preferably seated so as to reduce the chance of seeing other players cards) before the last cards are dealt to be eligible to play the hand. The only exception to this rule is for a TD or TD helper who has to take care of running the tournament. However, the TD should not be a big distraction to the game, and the dealer should let the TD know that their action is coming at least three actions in advance.

Rule #14: HAVE FUN

Follow the rules. And for this rule, we want you to enjoy your time!


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